Get more - pay less!

Do you want to get more Internet but pay less for it?

Then just boost or choose 1 or 2 Mbps fixed internet speed and get an extra one
(a position higher) FOR FREE for 3 months!

Moreover, if you speed up or choose 3 Mbps or higher speed you will get 2 positions higher for 3 months.


  • The subscriber should pay for the chosen speed only.
  • To join the offer the customer should sign a 12-month contract.
  • In case if the subscriber wants to decrease the internet speed in the course of the year, he/she will be obliged to pay penalty, thus 50% of the monthly fee for the remaining months.
  • In case of terminating the contract prematurely, the customer should pay penalty in the amount of AMD 3,000 for each unused month.

 Hurry Up! The offer ends on September 17th.

16:08 14/06/2019