Pokhancir & pokhancir indz

In order to use the service send the following command: *151*recipient’s phone number*requested amount# and the subscriber will be notified about your request.

You can send not more than 3 “Pokhantsir indz” free commands per day.
If you want to help your friends via “Pohkantsir” service by transferring an amount to his account, send the following command: *252*recipient’s phone number*amount to transfer #.

  • The service fee is 40 AMD per transfer.
  • The number of transactions is unlimited.
  • The minimum and maximum transactions are limited to 100 AMD and 2000 AMD respectively.
  • Тhe remainder of the account balance after making a transfer should be not less than 300 AMD.
  • The service is available for prepaid customers only.
  • The transferred amount does not extend the validity period.

“Pokhantsir Indz” – Mobile Help.