Department: TIS

Unit: Planning and Engineering

Section:  Fixed Network Infrastructure Planning  


Plan and implement the development and mapping of Fixed Network projects to ensure the continoutivity of new fixed network coverage providing process within the frames of Company internal procedures and management instructions.       


Developing fixed network and fiber optic projects

  • Investigation and servey of the location.
  • Data registration and mapping.
  • Presentation of materials intended for the project.
  • AutoCAD drawing.

Reporting and paperwork

  • Submitting reports according to internal procedures.

Other functions

  • Ensuring working relationship with other Units' employees.
  • Examination of damaged cables, measuring the damage volume and making estimates.
  • Another Specialist's replacement in the same section.


  • High
  • Fixed network construction rules
  • Safety rules
  • The Armenian and English languages
  • MS Office (good  knowledge)
  • Google Earth (good knowledge)
  • Corel Draw (good  knowledge)
  • AutoCAD (good  knowledge)
  • 1-2 years of experience of which up to 6 months professional, in the field of fixed network engineering
  • Good knowledge of the Armenian and English languages