Your melody

If you are tired of your standard ring tone then change it for different kind of melodies or expressions.

"Your melody" service gives you the chance to replace the usual ring back tone with funny jokes or nice melodies, giving a good mood to those who call you. You can also record your own message and use it as a ring back tone as well as playing any melody to your friends and relatives.
To use the service call 555 and follow the voice instructions. The first 5 minutes of the call are free of charge and thereafter the rate is 5 AMD per minute (VAT inclusive).

You can also activate and manage "Your melody" service by sending an SMS to the 555 number with the following commands:
For service activation – Sub
For service deactivation – Unsub
To buy a melody – Add “MelodyCode”, e.g. Add 14112
To delete a melody from the personal list – DC “MelodyCode”, e.g. DC 15315

An SMS sent to the 555 number is free of charge. When buying a tune the subscriber will be charged the melody price. 
You can buy as many melodies as you wish adding them to your personal list. The validity period of each melody is 30 days. In case of not deleting any melody from your personal list during this time it will be automatically extended for 30 days, for which you will be charged accordingly.

The melodies are divided into 4 price categories (all prices include VAT):

Category 1 – 195 AMD;
Category 2 – 295 AMD;
Category 3 – 495 AMD;
Category 4 – 695 AMD.

For additional information, please, call 111 or 974747.